lanvin inspired necklace

One of the hottest trends in jewelry right now is the necklace fashioned from ribbon.  Ribbon jewelry is elegant and easy to make.  Lanvin charges almost one thousand dollars for their ribbon and faux pearl necklace, but I made one for under ten dollars!



desinged by kenya

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Welcome to my blog dedicated to the art of handmade jewelry.  I am very excited to be able to share with you  my life as a handmade jewelry artisan.  When you wear your favorite pair of earrings, do you ever give any thought as to what went into the making of those earrings?  Well here is your chance to find out exactly what goes on behind the scenes!  I will share with you my designs as well as those of other designers.

I discovered handmade jewelry in 2006, when I needed an anklet that would fit my ankle.  Being a full-figured woman, I found that a majority of the jewelry available was not made for me so I took matters into my own hands! I am also continuously perplexed at the jewelry that is mass produced and sold in department and other retail stores.  What they lack in creativity, they more than make up for in price. I studied the Internet, and read every design magazine/book I could get my hands on.  I spent months on end practicing my wire loops, and how to put colors together.  I am thrilled to be able to share my expertise with you, but never think that I am not continually mastering new tricks and techniques as I go along.  Me and my jewelry are works in progress!

Not only does designing and making jewelry allow me to be a stay at home mother to my four young sons, it also serves as an outlet for my creative energy, and has been extremely relaxing.  I am absolutely thrilled when someone asks me where I bought my earrings, necklace, or bracelet, and I can proudly reply that I make my own jewelry!  In addition to jewelry itself, I will be covering things like the business of making jewelry, inspiration, and other random madness.

I was born in San Francisco, and have lived all over the Bay Area.  How could I have not been an artsy individual when I live in the most beautiful area in the world?!?  I am inspired by my community and the sheer beauty of this place.    I enjoy walking, cycling, loud debate, reading, writing, jewelry making, people watching, flea markets, photography, shopping,  listening to music, and spending time with my children.  I believe that an honest belly laugh keeps you looking and feeling young. Be sure to leave a little something about yourself in the comment section, and I truly hope that you enjoy your time spent here!